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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blazing a career path...I think?

Guess who's bizack...

Still on the grind...student year almost over...one more year until graduation.

Blah @ that.

I'm still confused about my career path. I mean, yeah my major is journalism, but do I really like to write that much that I want to work for a newspaper? Not really. Well...maybe. Only if I was a columnist. Some call me spoiled...I call me picky. Ultimately, I'd love to be working in PR, whether it be owning my own company, or helping someone run theirs. I could work for a magazine too, online or print.

I was recently presented with an opportunity to write for a beta blog about all things media from a "brown" POV, so I'm excited about what that could do for my writing, in terms of improving it, as well as getting some of it out there, and some more experience. Keep a look out for that...I'll let you know when it drops. (Jeri, I know you will probably get mad at me for not mentioning it, SORRY!!).

It's funny because for so long I would never let anyone know that I was unsure of what I want in my future. I'd lie and say I wanted to do one thing, knowing damn well, I didn't want that, and wondering to myself if I wanted anything for me. Now I'm not afraid to admit that I am not entirely sure what it is I want in terms of my employment future. I guess it's because before I felt abnormal, like I was the only one. Over the last couple months I've come to find out that that couldn't be further from the truth.

Lately, both me and Jeri have been trying to figure our lives out, and what makes that fun is being able to do that together. Knowing somebody has your back, your hand, and anything else you need for support. Y'all have no idea how much this helps. Thanks babes.

Anyway, keep a look out for ya boy! Whether it be Reginald Cunningham, or Reggie Noble....I'm on my way up! Ain't I got it goin on?