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Sunday, February 10, 2008

So yeah I know it's been a min. and shit...

So yeah, I know I haven't been writing like I should (T), but here I am.

So, like, it's been a long last week, and I've been pretty busy, doing something every night. How about those Giants!!

So...I feel like I'm at a really pivotal part of my life. I feel like I'm coming into my own, and I'm getting tired of the bullshit, and a lot of people can't handle that. I've lost a couple friends over the last couple weeks, however I've met some extremely cool people. I'm also learning and remembering what a joy it is to be single, not having to worry about pleasing others besides myself. It's funny that some people can't handle that.

Some of the new friends that I've made, I feel that they are truly genuine.

At the same time, I have felt so stretched thin lately it's crazy. I've done something every day of this past week, and am actually hanging with them now. It's been a little stressful being stretched so thin, but in a lot of ways was worth it. Nothing is better than building lasting relationships.

I think what I'd really like to do in the coming weeks is really just simplify parts of my life. The people that don't need to be here...stop keeping them here....and the people that need to be here, do what I need to do to make sure they stick around. Maybe doing that will keep me from being so busy....stressed. I feel like I'm falling back into my ways of wanting to please everyone, and I hate being that. There's a song out right now that says, "You just do you...I'ma do me....I'ma do me...." While the lyrics are probably lacking, it's a real message. Not trying to worry about other folks for real right now, because it's about me, and me only.

...and yeah that may sound selfish, arrogant, vain, etc....but it is what it is.

Feel me?


MLT said...

nice blog Reg...but maybe try being different. Everyone cusses. Try to show everyone how intellectual and intelligent you are, at time our favorite curse words can make it look as if we are less intelligent that what we truly are...dare to be a little different.

MLT said...

Oh I linked you on my blog (on the side where it says favorite reads so ..uhhh yeah lol